With SyncKsquare, it's simple. You secure all your content, in just a few clicks.


Simply add data protection

backup your data

Backup your documents

SyncKsquare backups and restores your most important data & system inside your existing digital environment.


Ensure confidentiality

SyncKsquare encrypts your backups with a single click. Make sure your data remain confidential, even on public cloud.


Fit your environment

SyncKsquare technology fits your existing infrastructure and preferences, no need for extra storage.



Highly visual, SyncKsquare interface is developed to empower every individual with data protection.

busy SMB teams

Real World

Purpose-built for busy SMB teams SyncKsquare is just what you need to feel safe, no fuss no unecessary features.

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

You are just a few clicks away from being protected by Syncksquare.

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